Dirtydavey (dirtydavey) wrote in promasturbation,

Masturbation Promotion

If community promotions are not acceptable or this is felt to be inappropiate I am very sorry, please delete this post. As I am promoting here I feel that It is only fair that I promote this community in my community

I masturbate. I enjoy masturbating.

themfoundation is a community who enjoy masturbation and wish to have some added fun.

Approximately once a month a M-O-athon is held. The idea behind this is to see who can masturbate the most times within the given time period (normally a weekend).

A great fun Challenge. Please cum and join the fun.

Promoted in the following masturbation communities:
_jillingoff _masturbation_ advancedsolosex chokinthechickn masturbaters masturbationto onanism onanismo promasturbation
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