Naughty Girl (mynaughtylj) wrote in promasturbation,
Naughty Girl

playing with my pussy....

Gosh....this community needs some updating. I thought I'd update.

I love to masturbate. I may be getting sex constantly, and still love to masturbate.

Last night, my husband had just finished an amazing round of sex, and he hopped into the shower, leaving me with a wet throbbing pussy. Naturally, I slipped my fingers between my legs, and started putting my middle finger in and out of my pussy slowly, and started rubbing my clit in a spiral motion with my index pussy was still extremely wet from sex, and so my fingers moved quickly slipping in and out. I contemplated joining him in the shower, but I was feeling too good to get out of bed....picturing my ex girlfriend hovering over me with her pussy grazing my lips....mmmm....I brought my fingers to my lips and tasted my juices, and started rubbing my nipples with my pussy juices....lifting my breast to my mouth, I sucked on my nipples one at a time, and was just about to cum from it, when I heard the shower shut off. Mmmm....I wasn't going to waste this orgasm, so with my eyes shut tightly, and the thought of her pussy covering my face, I brought myself to a rather intense orgasm with two fingers deep inside of me....and by the time that he was toweled off....I was snuggled back under the covers enjoying mini orgasms that followed the big one. It was wonderful. Just thinking about it now gets me all wet again....

I'm always looking for new and exciting friends....this journal is rather new, but it's my sex journal. I'll be posting often in it.

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